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Too Far

by ThaLoveBirds
Too Far

ThaLoveBirds is a power couple committed to reaching the world for Christ through music. One of the secrets to their reuniting was their inseparable love for music. While divorced, they pursued their passion for music as secular artists. Nevertheless, after their marriage was restored, this couple decided to forge their passions together to be used for God’s glory. From this experience, the music group, ThaLoveBirds was born. By moving towards greatness daily, ThaLoveBirds continue to push themselves to achieve more success in their music career. Looking to perfect their technical abilities and develop their unique style, ThaLoveBirds draw upon their Victorville roots and a lifelong passion for music as an inspiration.
“Too Far” is another anthemic music by the ThaLoveBirds. The evocative wordings with R&B and hip-hop music comes to the listeners in a zestful way. The modulated, angelic vocals undoubtedly win the listeners heart making this track reverberated on their minds.
This amazing piece of music is for listeners liking all over the world.

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