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Touch The Starz

by Samuel Makanda
Touch The Starz

“Touch The Starz” by “Samuel Makanda” is the kind of track that boldly stands out from its peers in how effectively it combines immense, creative input with professional and stylish output. He is an independent artist looking forward to bringing people together through music and the emotions that he feels and create. he’s 20 years old and he went from Louisville to Florida to chase his dreams as an artist.

There’s a freshness to the sound, part of which is undeniably experimental – at no point does the track feel predictable or prone to lethargy. Yet, alongside this, there is a sobering sense of repetition; A hypnotic atmosphere unfolds as you listen – just as you’d expect when you’re looking for a new tour or an alternative to rhythmically sweeten the day.

That said calm confidence manages to grab your attention with this certain deft and effortless sleight of hand that has perfect rhythm to it. Samuel Makanda has a flow that suits this style of music brilliantly, his voice is smooth yet occasionally husky, very much in keeping with the themes touched upon throughout – his lyrics have an undeniable honesty about them, which is priceless. The way the artist reflects his life and his experiences so far is very fascinating.

This track, this awesome and catchy, has a great vibe, it’s addictive; The rhythm is consistent, so it keeps you captivated, but the sounds are all very unexpected and unusual. The leading riff is retro and quite simple in nature, but the note selection adds to the vibe, they add to the intensity, which somehow builds and builds even as the music remains on the same plain.It’s a clever production, and it’s always interesting. It’s the kind of music that’s hard to put into any particular environment, but fits perfectly in the middle of whatever you’re doing when you play it. It’s fun, it’s atmospheric, and it’s easy to get into.

What’s interesting about this particular track is that the piece has a certain sense of structure, the background sometimes changes slightly, and the lyrics, performance and even the melody change accordingly. It’s a great sound, a great track – great energy, great vibes and really unique and clever lyrics. Undoubtedly one for the long-running playlist.

Samuel Makanda
Artist: Samuel Makanda

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