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Touch The Starz

by Samuel Makanda
Touch The Starz

Samuel Makanda is a talented and hard-working artist who tries to give the best and most heartfelt music to the audience out there. Samuel Makanda’s track “Touch The Starz” brings a dreamlike ambience and drives it with soft but confident hip hop with an electronic touch, gradually adding pop, rap and R&B vibes. The backing track is really something. The beat is unusually light, and the synth riff that plays throughout the background has a sound that’s equal parts soothing. The artist’s lead vocals on top of this one, as mentioned, have a softer presentation to it. The whole song has a very attractive atmosphere.

The song seems to convey what the artist felt and intended to express in a wonderful soundscape. What we get from discovering it, as strangers, is something overwhelmingly emotional, romantic and raw and real—whether our minds are going to the same place or not, but the feeling is strong, and that’s where the genuine power lies. The hook part of this song is mostly hidden in the music, but it grabs you anyway – it’s a noticeable change in melody.

It’s the musicality of the whole thing that makes it stand out. But there’s so much clarity in the voice that you can pick up and listen to, and maybe they’ll appeal to Samuel Makanda’s catalogue of music to venture further — to explore the sound and the artist a little more, a fan of the genre and style and looking for someone new to listen to. Everything is professionally crisp, which makes it even more effective as a stand-alone track.

This is the music that rises again and again in times of need. This meaningful song “Touch The Starz” by Samuel Makanda will leave you no room to worry about trivial matters. It is an amazing effect. There is something in this song that feels right now, or even more so now; Like a live performance. “Touch The Starz” is worth a listen. You can listen to his song on his YouTube channel and stay tuned for his latest creation with Samuel Makanda.


Touch The Starz
Artist: Samuel Makanda

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