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Up All Night

by jWorld

Lebanese-born rapper jWorld combines modern sound with pure expression of emotion and entertainment. Based in Virginia, he has been making music for years with countless local artists, and some from Atlanta, New York, and Baltimore. In late 2018, jWorld dropped his first singles Eat and Young Mozart (which also had a music video). On the fourth day of 2019, he dropped his debut album Prophecy. Soon after, jWorld dropped a second album Open Season, including hits like Wassup, Phony, and FILA. Music videos came out for FILA and Phony. Later that year, jWorld dropped Relax (Remix) featuring Guap Tarantino. Another Free Band Gang member Lil Wookie featured on a jWorld song, Percocet High. In late 2019, jWorld dropped his single Round & Round. His most recent single, Up All Night, includes a new form of dancey but motivational music. He has a music video, lyric video, and dance video out on Youtube:

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Artist: jWorld

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