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We Got No (Alternate Version)

by Betweenzone

The spectacularly sincere and radiantly colorful songs created by Betweenzone are the natural results of two musicians that have spent their lifetimes immersed in the art of making music. From their earliest days back in the mid-90’s recording their first cuts in Electronic, Dance, and Experimental styles, both EAST (Guitars, Vocals, Synth, Production) & Dave M. Rile (Vocals, Synths, Programming, Production) have continuously created compelling music that inspired them to keep pushing toward their destiny.

Over the course of the two decades between 1996-2016, Betweenzone recorded multiple songs and shifted their sound in all kinds of incredible directions as they refined their style & evolved throughout the years. Though they had released many singles online & gained a loyal following from fans all over the globe, Dave & EAST never rushed themselves or their creative process, allowing the entire scope of their vision for what Betweenzone could become to blossom organically over time & thereby preserving the special uniqueness of their band without ever once having to compromise. They experimented, they wrote, played, and recorded several different styles of music in authentic effort to find the sound best suited to them both, consciously making sure it was just as entertaining for everyone out there listening.

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