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We Had To Say Goodbye

by The Grief Warrior
Why...We Had To Say Goodbye

The Grief Warrior relights on the simple, expressive character of early pop/ country with this wonderfully engrossing new track, “We Had To Say Goodbye,” which combines ambient lo-fi vibes with traces of soul and nostalgia.

The Grief Warrior’s bright, nostalgic compositions feature creative production with a retro lo-fi overlay.

She is an author, award-winning screenwriter and intuitive life teacher. She shares her true stories because her mental health is essential to express her grief and trauma. Her extraordinary experience helps her turn with her purpose. As a HeYoKa intuitive Alchemist, humanity inspires her soul. Her life’s work is to help and encourage young adults and traumatized people to know you’ve got this.

‘The Grief Warrior’ is a master of the mood, and “We Had To Say Goodbye” – the part covered by Addicted – manages to build something grotesque and connect you around it while being subtle and surreal. The set-up is fantastical, with a pleasant, awakening tempo – the pop and lo-fi-soaked synth riffs that the progression later introduces maintain that feeling.

This bright, nostalgic soundscape from producer The Grief Warrior is made up of creative expression with an undeniable lo-fi overlay.

An artist who enjoys this process, The Grief Warrior leads the incredibly catchy yet short “We Had to Say Goodbye” with a unique melody and rhythm throughout.

Despite the optimism and pleasant mood of the music and melody, the words “We Had to Say Goodbye” add poignancy and personality before finally climaxing to a beautiful and romantic hymn of appreciation. Soft hearted, yet modern and beautifully constructed.

Without a doubt, the whole thing fits the tone of the piece. However, it does highlight The Grief Warrior’s adaptability. A beautifully produced blend of traditional pop, country and lo-fi, embracing lyrical originality, depth of concept and ease in musicianship.

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