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What does she have on me

by BijouXO
What does she have on me

BijouXO is a Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap Artist, bringing a refreshing touch to the industry with an original and authentic style.Her flow and creativity set her apart from competition.BijouXO combines various unique and experimental sounds with her silky vocals and often dabbles in multiple genres resulting in jazz and blues-centered fusions that are still firmly stitched together by emotive undertones. BijouXO sites icons such as Lana del Rey, Billie Holiday, Sade, Sza, Lorde, and Marvin Gaye as pivotal influences in her music. This all culminates in BijouXO producing an enjoyable, and easygoing musical experience that is authentic and grounded in reality. Her overarching ambition is to empower women through her gift remembered as an icon. She is driven by the desire to share emotion through music with young women who have been hurt and are struggling with mental health issues and help them realize that they are not alone. BijouXO has two cover songs in her repertoire, “Again” by Doris Day and “Shirt” a snippet by SZA. She will be releasing original music that will leave many hearts in awe. Songs that are tear-jerkers that are unlike anything ever heard before. He music will highlight her passion and love for authenticity and her expressive nature. She explores various themes by delving deeper into the emotions that encompass the human psyche. She wants to tell stories that everyone can relate to and keep inspiring people and women everywhere to never give up on their dreams. The talented enigma and her team are here to reshape and leave an indelible mark in the industry

Artist: BijouXO

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