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by IC Worship

Wohoo the latest single by IC worship , a swedish artist who aims to create a generation connected to a life with Jesus which free flowing and transformational. Wohoo serves the purpose aptly. Starting its journey in the year of 2011 , IC Worship has come along a bit over a decade with true dedication which is praiseworthy.

The creativity and message of God could be seen , felt and heard all over. “Wohoo” is no exception.
Wohoo is a word commonly used in colloquial language as a means of expressing exuberant delight or approval. The line right after “Wohoo” the jesus is alive is cheerful , charismatic and instill faith in god in a lighter way. Even an atheist would recognize the song’s exuberant positivity. There would be no denial as the song is a mood lifter any given time.

It happens to be, there is an inspiration story behind “ Wohoo”, Jesus is alive. The line had often been used by IC Worship’s pastor which ultimately led to an entire song. The song is all about a celebration of eternal childhood with the Father even in most complex situations.A reminder to all the believers , the God walks hand in hand with them in every circumstance. Even when they don’t feel so.

Unbeknownst to the inspirational story , I felt the song is all about accepting things as it is and finding things to be grateful for. My interpretation is not contradicting, rather supplementary in nature. And I am elated , as if we have this mutual understanding.Well, isn’t that what IC Worship wanted at the first place. To transcend from his locality to connect and be free flowing and transformational.

IC Worship is visionary. What he tries to achieve through music is nobel and if he does that’s for sure is for greater good.By the will of God may “ Wohoo” Jesus is alive gets appreciated.

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