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Yes I do

by Rosalind Solomon
Yes I Do


“Rosalind Solomon” enters this year on a high note with the gorgeously atmospheric, uplifting, and catchy track “Yes I do”.

The upcoming song enhances the volume by combining humility with brilliance in terms of emotion and tone. Simple but effective production and voice features cover the listener throughout, providing a somewhat minimal environment in which dreamy, gospel jazz and subtle mixed voices can be used for a powerful dynamic effect.

The prophetic voice of the CEO of Yahushua Ministry is the Apostle Rosalind Solomon. It has been available since January 2012. But I did not know about it until 2014-2015. The Apostle Rosalind Solomon was a Yahshua Jesus worshiper, a fast-growing unique solo jazz evangelist, and a spokesman for God the Holy Spirit and Yahushua Jesus. In addition, the Apostle Rosalind Solomon was an Indian author, a staunch apostle, and a renowned visionary.

The song is reminiscent of pure jazz in a modern wave style with a blend of traditional instruments and modern production techniques. The result is a contagious ear worm that is sure to get stuck in your head for days.

The tone and inspiration of the song has been effectively developed, and overall, the project gives a sense of addiction to flavors that will no doubt be instantly recognizable in the future. Not only that, she sang more songs. You can hear all of her songs on Youtube. You will be amazed at her singing style and her songwriting.

In short, it’s really well crafted – it’s modern, but it’s written with heart and soul for that extra thing. So far, my personal favorite.

Rosalind Solomon
Artist: Rosalind Solomon

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