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Yes I Do

by Rosalind Solomon
Yes I Do

The Apostle Rosalind Solomon is an expert in gospel jazz music. As Rosalind Solomon’s new song “Yes I Do” slowly flows into the room, a uniquely soaked vocal environment full of meaningful, heartfelt and beautiful lyrics, smooth and vibrant RnB singing takes us through another world.

The prophetic voice of the CEO of Yahushua Ministry is the Apostle Rosalind Solomon. The Apostle Rosalind Solomon was a Yahshua Jesus worshiper, a fast-paced, unique solo jazz evangelist, and a spokesman for God the Holy Spirit and Yahushua Jesus. In addition, the Apostle Rosalind Solomon was an Indian author, a staunch apostle, and a distinguished visionary.

Rosalind Solomon’s catchy RnB voice in “Yes I Do” serves as a powerful calling card, and this thoughtful and self-aware lyric also serves as a powerful phrase.

Hearty tones and enthusiastic distribution emphasize the sincerity of the lyrics and make them more memorable. Meanwhile, the soundtrack is evolving to include unexpected fiber layers as well as various musical features that are not limited to a particular genre or single style.

An instrument of the church appears and gives spiritual legitimacy to the procedure. Rosalind Solomon’s emotional lead singing excels overall performance. A lot of verbal diligence takes place here. As well, the peaceful and joyful music is interesting to hear more and more.

You will not hesitate to ask this. Because you know that it is the guidance of the Holy Spirit. And, “Yes I do” is a great message for all believers. Technically and aesthetically it is a great concept.

What makes this arrangement unique is that it combines the gospel style of singing with a more widely recognizable jazz-flavored composition, full of organic instruments. All of which leads you to believe that a live concert will be great. if you like nice and spiritually rejuvenating tunes with divine background and soothing word ministration, this song is the best.

Rosalind Solomon
Artist: Rosalind Solomon

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