Tearing At My Heart by Jeremiah Broken

Jeremiah Broken is an upcoming artist who is predominantly experimenting and combining hip hop music with the message of the cross with the hope of reaching millions of hearts through his unique style of music.The speciality of his music is he always tends to create sensible songs and to give a message to his audience through his work.His rawness and authenticity just adds more color to his work.As an upcoming artist it is very commendable of him as he not only is concerned about the music but also the meaning of the song.Hence, he makes a versatile singer and has the potential of becoming a hip hop artist with a purpose.

‘Tearing At My Heart’ is Jeremiah’s latest single and the name itself gives an idea that this song has a melancholic tone.The central theme of the song is of violence and corruption in society that has caused disharmony between races. He also highlights the fact how the media just cover up the bitter truth and how they deceive people by not giving the actual facts of the corruption done by people who are in positions of power. ‘’It’s tearing at my heart ,to watch the world fall apart’’ indicates the sadness and despondency of the narrator to see the world collapse right in front of his eyes due to violence and corruption.

There are some rhyming words (such as heart-apart,heart-start) that Jeremiah has used in order to create unity of sound and sense.To sum up,the song is sensible and it has the message of the importance of harmony and the need for a violence free society.To conclude,it emphasizes the necessity for a new beginning in the hope for a better future for all. Jeremiah’s versatility as a promising artist is displayed throughout the song.