1 2 3 by Los Juniors de Sinaloa

Hailing from the heart of Modesto, California, the group “Los Juniors de Sinaloa” has forged a unique musical identity that pays homage to the vibrant culture and sounds of Culiacan, Sinaloa. Influenced by the rich traditions of the region, this Latin music ensemble, brought together under the Fraire Records banner, offers a fresh take on Sinaloan musical styles.

Their latest track, “1 2 3,” is a rhythmic testament to the fusion of Modesto and Culiacan, delivering an authentic Latin vibe that is as engaging as it is evocative. With a runtime of just 2 minutes and 21 seconds, it’s a short but intense journey into their world.

“1 2 3” embodies the essence of Sinaloan culture, transcending borders and uniting listeners through the universal language of music. This track reflects the artistic spirit of a group determined to bring their unique blend of California inspiration and Sinaloan tradition to the forefront. With roots in Modesto and a sound rooted in Culiacan, Los Juniors de Sinaloa beckon you to take a musical voyage with them, 1 2 3.