22 year old XEALAE who was born and raised in Germany, is a talented and upcoming music artist. XEALAE is a young man who has an enormous passion towards hip hop, rap, R&B and trap styles of music, and he works hard and makes extensive attempts in making his own music just by himself. His latest release is titled as “Apathy” and “Apathy” is a two minutes and ten seconds music video. For he makes his own music, “Apathy” is also written, recorded, performed, produced, mixed and mastered by XEALAE himself. Not only that, it has been even filmed and edited by XEALAE, yet his friends have lent a hand for him to complete this amazing song.
When considering the song title, the song “Apathy” is about discovering apathy after giving up on childish innocence. The word symbolizes how XEALAE has overcome all the torments that he had to go through because of his colleagues and bosses at work. He conveys how he dealt with all the ill-treatments and gained mastery over them. He says that people need to get over all the barriers that they encounter in life and walk through the path of success. He requests the audience not to get conquered but to stand tall within the society, for people cannot judge who we are.
The song starts off with a good rap in which almost all the words uttered are clear and simple. The lyrics of the song are so meaningful that they speak to the heart of the listeners. Thus, XEALAE has obviously done a great job in selecting words. The beat and the music flow is even more amazing that they make the song so lively. The vocals of the singer also should be highly admired. Vocals play a major role here.
At last it is clear that XEALAE is an ideal in which everything you find is in perfection. So, listen to this beautiful song now.