Be Like Sunset Light by Andrea Corsaro

Andrea Corsaro is a talented and upcoming artist who was born and raised in Italy. Andrea Corsaro stepped into music at a smaller age. He sang his first song on his loving mother’s lap when he was just 20 months old. Then when he was 11 years old, he decided to continue his studies in music. He started studying classical guitar with the use of maestro Maurizio pica. Next he went ahead with creating songs and poems on his own. Thus, at the age of 18, Andrea Corsaro became a talented author in the music field. By 2019, he got the golden opportunity to perform at the San Paolo stadium, at the San Carlo Theater, at the Royal Palace of Naples. For that, Corsaro made his own music track which was titled “Glory”. Stefano Gargiulo gave assistance to him in creating that beautiful music piece.
“Bacoli” is another from Andrea Corsaro’s productions which was released in the year 2021. He incorporated all his passion for music, history and archeology to this song and as a result of his great dedication, “Bacoli” became an official song in his city. “Be like sunset light” is Andrea Corsaro’s newly released music production. It is a three minutes and twenty six seconds music video which is about peace, love and brotherhood.

This beautiful gospel consists of enticing lyrics. Thus, words are so simple and very meaningful. Corsaro requests the world to live with love from this amazing song. Andrea Cavallaro has contributed in lyrics writing. Moreover, the vocals of the singer are superb and amazing. His voice is so calm and successfully conveys his message to the listeners. Further, Epoch House Choir does a great job in producing charming voices and making the harmonizing graceful.
Consequently “Be like sunset light” is a blend of enchanting lyrics, stream of sounds, beats, melody, and vocals. If you too are a fan of gospel music, listen to this bewildering music piece now.