Away In A Manger by Phil Wickham

A contemporary singer/songwriter who makes passionate, faith based rock music, Phil Wickham’s name was already well known in Christian music circles by the time his fourth album, 2009’s Heaven & Earth, found crossover success on Billboard’s pop charts. A string of successful albums followed before Wickham’s career was sidelined by a vocal injury in 2014. Overcoming his ailment, he achieved both a spiritual and commercial resurgence with his 2016 album Children of God. He scored two consecutive Billboard Top Christian Albums with 2018’s Living Hope and 2021’s Hymn of Heaven, as well as a Top 30 Christian single with 2022’s “ Worthy of My Song.”

“Away In A Manger” is a christian song from Phil’s album named “Christmas” which tells about the story of Jesus’s birth on Earth.The glory of Lord Jesus is showcased throughout the song. In the song you can find rhyming words such as bed, head,lay and hay which creates a musical effect to the song. The song creates a beautiful mental picture of the birth of Jesus Christ. Phil was raised in a religious household and his parents, both musicians and former members of the band Parable, encouraged his musical interest growing up.Wickham has nominated for many awards and won four awards for Worship Recorded Song of the Year (2019), Songwriter of the year (2022),Worship Recorded Song of the Year (2022) and Worship Album of the Year(2022).

Phil is undoubtedly a talented artist and his versatility is shown through his work. ‘’Away in A Manger’’ can be seen as a moving christmas song that depicts the birth of Jesus and also as a worship song.Phil’s mesmerizing voice will surely move thousands of hearts as it did mine.As a contemporary artist his passion for music is praiseworthy.