Chamkeela Angeelesi by LittleMusic

Enjoy the enchanting tones of “Chamkeela Angeelesi,” reinterpreted by LittleMusic’s deft fingers on the keyboard.

Telugu song from the movie ‘Dasara,’ with music by Santhosh Narayanan and lyrics by Kasarla Shyam, gets a new lease on life in this instrumental arrangement. Ram Miriyala and Dhee’s mesmerising vocals make the original version of this song an instant classic. LittleMusic, on the other hand, takes it and makes a wonderful keyboard cover out of it.

When LittleMusic’s deft hands hit the keys and the ethereal tune of “Chamkeela Angeelesi” comes together, the result is music that goes beyond words. It’s a demonstration of the power of music to communicate meaning across cultures and languages.

Whether you’re familiar with the original or just hearing it for the first time, let LittleMusic’s keyboard cover take you away to a place where every note has a tale to tell.