Higher by Shannon Burchett

Shannon Burchett is a recording artist, singer & songwriter from Dallas. Shannon’s breakthrough original song “Do You Know”, was recorded at Capitol Studios® in Los Angeles and released in early 2020. As well, his new album Lucky, which includes the hit single releases Nirvana, Higher and Someday, is also now available.

The song “Higher” is one of the singles released from his recent album Lucky. The song was first written during the Covid pandemic and was intended as a message of encouragement to his audiences. Higher draws on classic spiritual or gospel tracks vibes but is done in a pop/rock ballad style for universal appeal. The chorus lyric “higher and higher” was intended to be the memorable hook line, but the words “love lifted me” similar to the 100-year-old spiritual with that title has become part of the song’s theme.

The song’s melody further fosters its simplicity, with the lyrics and chorus consisting of short, monotone lines, with only a slight change in pitch from one section to the next. The words used are catchy, and this type of songwriting perfectly portrays the idea that less is more. Nothing is added just to fill the space within the song – the space is left, and you have to reflect the sound of the music and the ideas presented by the singer and songwriter. What you are left with is a hypnotic progression of lines that circle around you, reinforcing these deeply reflected thoughts and their undeniably human nature.

The song is everything you hope for when looking for upbeat and calm music to inspire or motivate. The production is crisp and driven by the positive energy that flows through you as you listen. The lyrics portray the all-important sentiments of an optimistic, hard-working, motivated songwriter who hopes to instil similar feelings of unstoppableness in all who listen to the song. The accompanying video furthers this idea of ​​love and protection, the song is very important and the video fits that idea perfectly. Optimism is enhanced by scenes of youthfulness and energy between vocal performance moments. The song’s appeal and it showcases an intriguing and thoughtful artist. Well worth looking out for.