Luca Debonaire, Da Clubbmaster & Maickel Telussa

“La Tribu De Dana ” by “Luca Debonaire, Da Clubmaster & Maickel Telussa” opens with dramatic intensity, first represented by a single electronic soundscape. The intensity soon evolves into a fuller sound, a truly infectiously passionate piece of music, still detailed and still very expressive with a sense of theater about it, but overall incredibly impressive and well-crafted. Composition.

The producers “Luca Debonaire & Da Clubbmaster”, listed in the Top 100 of Beatport & Traxsource, have taken on the song “La Tribu De Dana” from 1998 with Maickel Telussa.

The backing track of the song has a great sound, the riffs, the beat, the stop and start nature of the whole thing – the production is creative and quite minimal but very effective. The track pauses and resumes with style and precision. The hook melody is simple but not memorable, it sticks in your mind long after listening to it, and the way the music is built around this important moment is impressive and works very well.

The music seems to build, change and redirect in a series of rapid moments that end very quickly. The story presented, and of course, the journey the music takes you on as a listener is immediately captivating, and the skill and speed with which the instrument performs has the power to hold you until the end of the whole thing. These three artists’ production is of an extremely high standard, and what’s pleasing to see is that this focus on skill and speed is purely a secondary benefit – an incredible one nonetheless.

The artist’s performance style stands out well among its peers – the sound is fresh, expressive and has a beautifully satisfying rhythm to deliver. Also, the voice carries all the emotions related to the concept of the song. You can hear the passion behind the words, and it becomes clearer once you get used to the soundscape. as well the song’s music is attractive and interesting to hear. It’s unique and creative.

The absolute precision and undeniable ability of the artist – playing music as an expression of a story and a set of emotions. There are idle moments to enjoy, moments of space and quiet, and of course, tremendous moments of intensity and palpable joy regrouping and re-entering your listening space. It’s a pleasure to listen to, especially at high volumes.