Jésus Le Sauveur by Wild ft Bellasings

‘Wild Ft. Bellasings’ are talented artists from France. Their talents speak for others and show that they are on their way to stardom and their hustle and passion for success make their unique music set them apart from the rest and showcase a different style and era of music.

“Jésus le Sauveur” is a song that seems to have the raw energy of gospel but with the easy reality of RnB. The presentation is almost amazing, with an organic sound that usually comes as part of a live show. It’s a well-executed piece with great sound that fills the room with a beautifully euphoric vibe, despite the slightly negative imagery in some lines – which simply makes for a more memorable storyline, and of course, more to be seen. A series of references rather than a deep concern.

The track’s melody is a familiar one, and although the gospel structure is immediately recognisable, the songwriter’s approach to storytelling has that personal stamp throughout and really gives off fresh energy. The lyrics are unique and interesting, thought-provoking yet simple – easy to memorize and get into. Undoubtedly, the melody of the song resonates with you long after the music stops, that gospel / RnB is infectious and always brings a good mood.

The song at the core of this recording is a great reflection of real human emotions. The honesty is clear and unrelenting, and the artist’s lead vocal performance delivers it in an authentic and sometimes slightly vulnerable way. It’s utterly delightful and charms you with its impeccable openness. On top of this, as mentioned, the musicality of the piece is complex and beautiful, filling the space around you with an all-encompassing and professionally finished soundscape. This music praises Jesus. Well worth listening and stay tuned on YouTube with them.