Leave the Scene by Snailbones

Snailbones, a noise punk band from the Pacific Northwest, have released a new single, “Leave the Scene,” and it is sure to blow your mind. Snailbones, a rock band from Portland, Oregon consisting of guitarist Timothy Francis, bassist Kelly Minton, and drummer Drew Owens, first appeared in 2017.

Snailbones continued to thrive despite the difficulties caused by the pandemic. They used their time off to devote themselves fully to their art, independently producing two albums and scheduling sessions at Map Room Studios. As a result of all their effort, they were able to record albums with renowned engineers and producers including Taylor Hales, Matt Boynton, Bob Weston, and Steve Albini.

This Doni Irawan-helmed and -edited performance video for “Leave the Scene” is a stirring demonstration of the band’s undeniable skill and dedication to their craft. The song’s powerful and evocative music was mixed by Sylvia Massy, and its lyrics were written by Josh Cady and Timothy Francis. Snailbones’ “Leave the Scene” is an immersive musical experience that will leave you spellbound.