Midnight Spacing Out Brooding Bass Music by Monochrome Midnight Traveller

Shanghai’s mysterious duo Monochrome Midnight Traveller is making waves with their original take on bass, downtempo, trip-hop, and electronica. Their newest release, “Midnight Spacing Out,” is a fascinating aural and visual journey into the peaceful and enigmatic realm of city nights.

The pair’s multimedia performances are a sensory symphony that captivates listeners with a hypnotic blend of monochromatic graphics and pulsating sound. Monochrome Midnight Traveller takes its cues from the pulsating urban landscape of Shanghai to craft enveloping soundscapes that seamlessly blend ambient, breakbeat, and hip-hop.

“Midnight Spacing Out,” by Monochrome Midnight Traveller, is a haven for nighttime explorers in search of peace and quiet. The minimalist breakbeat rhythms and evocative synth arrangements in this song conjure up images of nighttime strolls across the city and trips to the stars. Listening to them is like entering another universe, it transports you to the splendor of the night and lets you experience it through sound.