Liberty Awaitsby The Trouble Notes

To reduce cultural barriers,’The Trouble Notes’ have made it their mission to create their own cultural universe.Their self described “Acoustic Dance Music” is a unique blend of the genre that sits at the crossroads of the raw energy and organic instrumentation of Folk music and the modern sounds of contemporary rock,roots music, and new age electronica.It’s a sound informed by The Trouble Notes travels.The band spreads its message by building bridges across musical cultures in their own unique way.The Berlin based trio is composed of violinist Bennet Cerven,guitarist Florian Eisenschmidt,and percussionist Oliver Maguire.Hailing from different countries, each member of the group brings a different musical training and perspective to the band.The trio has performed at some of europe’s largest festivals and videos of their performances have been viewed more than 100 million times on social media.Their music has featured in award winning films and documentaries..

“Liberty Awaits” is an epic paying tribute to the great immigrant voyage. “The initial idea for the song came when trying to pay homage to my late grandfather, Leon English.” Says Bennet.While drawing influence from the Great Famine that led to the death and displacement of millions of Irish, the song is meant to tell a broader tale of the migration saga and transcontinental journey. Featuring on the track is Ecuadorian singer Carola Zarega, who along with the band, channeled her own experiences when contributing to the recording.

The track begins with a melancholic violin melody.An upbeat folk dance coaxes the listener from the trance, representing a kind of “last hurrah” before the perilous journey across the sea. Carola’s vocals soon take on a new form, as the song breaks from the traditional dance and becomes more pensive. Suddenly the listener is brought full circle, with the reemergence of the folk dance, this time with more nuance. The voyagers have arrived in a new land but have not lost their traditions.