TED Talk by Meet Boooshman

“TED Talk” is the brand new track from artists Meet Boooshman ft Cool Hand Scoop. Right from the offset, fans of old-school hip-hop are likely to get a great sense of nostalgia from this track, as well as something brand new to be swept away by.

The vocals, which stand out throughout the track, have impressive energy and style, perfectly fitting the mood and melody expressed throughout. You get that wonderful vibe straight into your mind, it stays with you, and the soft yet haunting vibe of the music behind the chorus helps keep it there, overall the whole thing has a cool and relaxed atmosphere. It works really well as a single. Simple and effective with an upbeat and generally positive vibe – always something we need more of in the world.

Not only a great track but one of those visuals that is more of a short film than a music video. Really impressive; Looks great, feels powerful and optimistic, energetic, yet soft and sensitive in many ways – easy to relate to and overall very attractive. This video is a laid-back, smooth connoisseur rap song. These artists are comparing their raps to the popular TED Talk series that focus on inspirational speeches given by inspirational people.

Above all, this rap song has a thoroughly chilled sound, giving you a mood when you listen; It’s effective, it’s music that does what it’s supposed to do, and flows freely to make you feel good while you listen. Rather than yelling or screaming to get your attention, this lead vocal speaks with a calm kind of confidence – guaranteed to be easy to listen to and get on board with. It’s all very believable, and therefore very easy to trust and relax.

The vocal performance is strong and smooth, and it contrasts well with the verses, so the whole track feels like an episode or a story with its various highs and lows and never gets repetitive or tiresome.

His creativity has that wonderful freedom we always talk about. Not limited by anything, defined by musical walls of any genre or otherwise. As mentioned – the possibilities are endless. He’s definitely one to check out – especially if you’re an artist, songwriter or singer looking for fresh, inventive and powerful soundscapes. Even if you are a die-hard music lover. Press play and immerse yourself in the sound. Escape your reality for a while.