Ocean by Roy Shakked

Singer,songwriter, and composer ‘Roy Shakked’ often goes by different artist names/pen names: Holmes,The Bright Wild,The Tao of Groove,and Jazzelicious to name a few. Roy’s music has been featured on dozens of television shows over the years. He has written and produced music for multiple advertisements and trailers and has composed scores and contributed songs to a host of films.He is also a graduate of Berklee College of Music and active in the LA singer-songwriter scene for over two decades and has released multiple original albums under different pen names.

Roy’s latest release ‘’Ocean’’ is a profound piece of work as the lyrics of the song has so much depth, while the music of the song has a unique charm exploring several flavors of whimsy.The song is a metaphorical representation of human life and the the never ending cycle of change.Roy is quick witted as he has compared both the ocean and human life in a meaningful way to show the cyclical nature of life. The song can be also perceived as a story revolving around a heart broken lover and a person who is willing to console that heart broken lover.Ocean is an element of nature well known for its vastness and depth.In this song the artist metaphorically represents life as an ocean because life can be beautiful but it has challenging times.Roy has excellently compared the unfathomable nature of human life to ocean through a metaphor.He also compares the waves of the ocean to emotions of people , as waves, our emotions are volatile and constantly changing.

To sum up, the song is basically about the cyclical nature of life and never ending cycle of change.Roy Has done a marvelous job in creating this soulful song.The nostalgic and expressive lyrics along with the dreamy music sets the perfect tone to the song.Roy’s is undoubtedly a versatile artist and has the potential of becoming a renowned artist.