I Wanna Pipe by MaalwithaK

MaalwithaK is a talented and upcoming artist who was born and raised in the USA. Being an artist who has a great passion for hip hop, rap, R&B and trap music, MaalwithaK’s mission in his journey is to be heard by the people. He enjoys listening to his music and in the other way round he wants others to listen to his music and enjoy his music. “I wanna pipe” is the latest release by MaalwithaK which is a beautiful combination of rap and hip hop styles of music. It is a three minute and twenty five seconds track that is from his album ‘Diabla’.

The song starts off with a captivating stream of sounds which any listener may feel a little unnatural at the first hearing. Nevertheless, the vocals that are anchored into the music piece at the beginning, which are murmured by the singer, adds beauty to the song from the very beginning itself. The voice balancing which is done in a perfect manner while interconnecting with the music flow is pretty amazing. The rap is superb and awesome for it is well uttered. The selection of the words for the rap should be admired, as the wordings play a main role from the beginning to the end of the song. Thus, the lyrics are simple and meaningful and so that composition needs to be well credited.
The vocals of the singer are bewitching enough to attract the hip hop lovers around the world. Perhaps anybody who listens to this amazing track will assure that MaalwithaK is indeed talented by birth itself. His voice is projected mysteriously delicately with the flow of music while giving life to the remarkable words.

So, “I wanna pipe” is obviously a great song with great music, lyrics, strum of beats and vocals. Listen to this amazing piece of music now if you too are a hip hop and rap music lover. You will never regret it.