Seventh Heaven by Wandour

Dive into the sun-soaked soundscape of Wandour’s latest track, “Seventh Heaven,” a tantalizing blend of Melodic Beach House and Synth-house. As a sneak peek into Wandour’s upcoming EP, “Voyage Afterlife,” this track promises to be your musical passport to the beaches.

“Seventh Heaven” is more than a song; it’s a sonic journey that captures the essence of groovy, upbeat, and melodic synth-driven magic. With a serrated sunlight feeling and a dance-worthy rhythm, Wandour’s creation transports you to a world where sun rays glow inside your skin, and the music dances towards the sunset.

As part of the EP’s dynamic spectrum, “Seventh Heaven” beautifully blends the old and new, retro and futuristic, creating a spacey vibe that resonates with both nostalgia and innovation. Get ready to bask in the musical warmth of Wandour’s beachside masterpiece.