Sinful by toni.

Lesley Rosania, whose childhood nickname was Toni, now introduces herself. This American singer-songwriter-actress of 25 has been making music her life since she was a child. She is learning French because she is fascinated by French literature and music, and since her upbringing in Panama gave her a facility in both Spanish and English. Her musical career may have just began, but it’s only the beginning.

The newest single from Toni, “Sinful,” is irresistible thanks to its seductive melodies and lyrics that suggest a hot date. It’s a seductive tune that poses some intriguing questions. Toni’s vocals are like silk over the music; she exudes assurance and charm.

Invitingly, she asks, “Do you wanna play these games with you?” When she says, “I wanna be sinful with you,” you can’t help but be sucked into the alluring world she’s created. More than just music, “Sinful” is an open invitation to experience the seductive power of desire. If you want to know more about Toni’s musical progress, you can check out her Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram pages.