SPLASH! by Nay Nay x TrapHouse Koda

Two upcoming hip-hop artists, Nay Nay and TrapHouse Koda, hail from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and they plan to “SPLASH!” into the scene. They share the same dynamic city, and they’ve joined forces to make a rousing summer closer.

Nay Nay is a hip-hop artist whose unconventional style has won him fans all over the world. “SPLASH!” is a reflection of his skill and drive. This song perfectly encapsulates the spirit of hard work, success, and making an indelible impression on the music industry.

The artists pay tribute to their hometown by naming the Something In The Water music festival in the song’s hook; both musicians live in Virginia Beach. “SPLASH!” is an ode to their success and the perseverance that led to it.

With “SPLASH!” as their rallying cry, Nay Nay and TrapHouse Koda are ready to make waves in the hip-hop world thanks to their evident talent and self-assurance.