I Digress by Von Schrader Sex Machine

Immerse yourself in Von Schrader Sex Machine’s “I Digress,” a musical masterpiece with fascinating visuals directed by Paul “Alfie” Garcia. The resulting work is compelling and thought-provoking despite not being specifically in any one genre.

The music of Von Schrader Sex Machine is difficult to label because it features such a wide variety of styles and sounds. This song by the great Rob Davies takes listeners on a poetic and musical journey with his singing, words, and melodies.

The imaginatively directed graphics for “I Digress” by Paul “Alfie” Garcia reflect the song’s cryptic nature. The combination of the music and the pictures creates a powerful synergy that engages the senses and stays with the viewer.

An invitation to delve into the depths of creative expression and teamwork, “I Digress” is more than just a song. A unique musical adventure awaits you as you enter the realm of Von Schrader Sex Machine.