Take It All by Claudine Ntui

Claudine Ntui is an upcoming musical artist based in USA and Cameroon who is predominantly creating powerful worship songs that are uplifting and instill hope in the audience’s heart.Her latest song named ‘’Take It All’’ comes under the genre of CWM (Contemporary Worship Music) also known as praise and worship music. Worship music is a defined genre of Christian music used in contemporary worship.

The song starts off with a melodious music that just makes you want to listen to the song from the very beginning as it uplifts the mood and the song has an optimistic feeling to it as Claudine has done a marvelous job as an upcoming artist in the industry. Claudine’s love for god and worship songs can be seen through her work ,and her performance is very powerful as she has a unique and a strong voice that perfectly blends with the music.The harmony is also very soothing and it adds more color to the song setting the perfect tone to it.The devotion towards god and the love towards god is indicated by the line ‘’My life is for your glory.’’

In a nutshell, ‘’Take It All’’ is a devotional song of love for god and his teachings.The uplifting music and the inspiring lyrics with Claudine’s powerful performance makes the song a success and a stunning masterpiece.As an upcoming artist Claudine has done a superb job in creating this beautiful worship song that is unique and uplifting in all way. Finally,I suggest you check out this song as it has an uplifting effect that is very rare and unique and I’m sure you will fall in love with this song.