Round and Round by Lipstick

Hard rock band “Lipstick” boldly recreates the classic darkness of hard rock through atmospherics and “Round and Round” is flawlessly executed by combining melodic ferocity with melodic perfection and equal parts intensity and melody.

Clocking in at a few minutes, ‘Round and Round’ makes excellent use of structure, adding each new segment with a clear brief for emphasis, maintaining that shifting dynamic throughout, and never lingering on a single quality for longer than a moment warrants.

“Lipstick” is a band that was born in 2019 in Asuncion, Paraguay. There are 5 band members (Singer, guitar player, bass player, keyboard player, drummer), They have 6 releases on all platforms, and they bring authentic rock and roll show, looks and sound.

Lipstick’s musical style has been described as generic, melodic and heavy metal. Their songs are often epic and focus on complex arrangements and melodies.

The song is full of hooks and catchy melodies, making it an instant metal classic. Boldly raucous, melodically catchy, and even more powerful as an escape beat when played loud – legendary hard rock band ‘Lipstick”s flawless sound design really enables the song’s natural qualities to shine through in any context. Their attention to detail and precise balance of precision and passion results in a naturally engaging first listen that will lead many listeners on the hunt for live events.

Lipstick have created a truly unique and memorable song in ‘Round and Round’, which is sure to be one of the most talked about rock songs of the year.