Traffic Light Ft TIMMI by King Yung

“King Yung Ft. TIMMI” brings some classic hip-hop and makes it high and bright with his own unique vocal rhythm and style releasing “Traffic Light”. His musical background provides listeners with hypnotic good vibes that deliver powerful and creative production, but his vocal performance and songwriting add something that puts his personal stamp on everything he writes and releases.

King Yung is a 28-year-old artist from Palm bay fl but currently, he lives in Pensacola fl. “Traffic Light” is his latest song and he said, the song is a vibe he did with a good friend and the video came inspiration came from the fact that he will be doing music until he’s old.

“Traffic Light” is a track that feels like a fresh summer breeze, picking up speed and using every bit of soul and passion that passes by. The track’s hip-hop structure shines through, unlike a hip-hop side project.

The hip-hop influence is reiterated by the stop-start nature of the instrumentation, particularly throughout the latter half of the track. This effect allows the artist to perform in an almost freestyle style. There is boundless subjective creativity here. There are plenty of moves, and plenty of effects – however, sometimes impact is an over-driven or irrelevant concept these days.

The vocal effect used in the track and the way it is mixed has an unusual sound to it. The presentation, as mentioned, is usually quite sexual, but many things about it are different, and this makes it much easier to identify the artist’s sound. The artist’s voice is sweet and smooth in tone, and the rhythm of his performance means that every line and every lyric hits with really good power. You see the lines, you see the words, and you get the vibe and feeling behind the performance.

This actually works well for an upbeat yet simultaneously easy-going bit of hip-hop and r&b. There’s particular energy about the track that fans will come to recognize as true to King Yung’s style. Hopefully, there’s more to come.