King of all the Earth by Varna Jeev

Varna Jeev is a talented and upcoming artist who always has a passion to work with gospel and soul styles of music. Her new piece of work is titled as “King of all the Earth ” which is a three minutes and eighteen seconds lyrical video. The song brings out the message that Lord Jesus Christ is the savior of all the nations and shows how all the people of all the nations are aspired and inspired by him. Specifically, the song conveys the arrival of Jesus Christ. Consequently, “King of all the Earth ” is a song from the Psalm of the sons of Korah Psalm 47. This holy work from Jeev is sung by Jeev herself while D Revine has given massive support in music production. Jubal Graceson has mixed and mastered this beautiful song.
The song starts off with a charming stream of music while incorporating a variety of music tones and tunes. Thus, the calm and peaceful musical background running throughout the song indeed allows the listeners to live in the song. The lyrics of the song are pretty amazing for they are taken from the Psalm 47: 1, 2, 5, and 8. Perhaps the wordings are sacred and remind the manner in which the people of the nations must remember and worship the Almighty God for he is the most high. The strum of beat is also something that should be appreciated as each and every beat of the song bridges the lyrics and the flow of music.
Projecting enchanting vocals is another feature that the listeners encounter in this song. Jeev’s voice is so charming that each and every word sung is clear and lets the listeners drown in the world of God. On this account, it is assured that “King of all the Earth” by Varna Jeev is a Christmas praise which all the Catholics should listen to, for its powerful words and the blessedness.
So, listen to this amazing praise now.