What They Say by Tom Solomon Ft BeeAye

Prepare to be blown away by a musical collaboration that’s turning heads across the UK. Tom Solomon and BeeAye have joined forces to deliver “What They Say,” a genre-blurring masterpiece that seamlessly combines UK Rap, Hip Hop, Drill, and the pulsating energy of New Wave.

Tom Solomon, hailing from the vibrant UK music scene, is a rising star with a gift for lyrical storytelling. BeeAye brings a fresh perspective and dynamic flow to the mix, making this collaboration an instant hit.

Their combined energy in “What They Say” is infectious, reflecting their mutual passion for pushing boundaries in music. With an electric beat and razor-sharp verses, this track refuses to be confined by a single genre.

Tom Solomon and BeeAye’s unique blend of talents will leave you wanting more, proving that UK Rap and New Wave are taking the music world by storm. So, turn up the volume, embrace the vibes, and discover the magic of “What They Say.”