What’s Your Name by Dareal General x Kweziroyal 

Take a deep dive inside Dareal General and Kweziroyal’s universe as they release their new song “What’s Your Name.” Their combined abilities have produced an infectious tune that will appeal to listeners of all musical persuasions.

Lyrics by Kweziroyal and production by Dareal General make “What’s Your Name” a flawless blend of artistic and musical experimentation. Dareal General’s mixing and mastering creates a dynamic soundscape that’s full of exciting melodies and pulsating beats.

The enchantment, however, does not end there. The song is made much better by the accompanying music video, which was directed and filmed by Tella Vision Films. The video promises to be a thrilling visual experience that perfectly supports the musical artistry, with a creative vision that reflects the soul of the song.

Hear and see how the skills of Dareal General and Kweziroyal complement one another in “What’s Your Name,” and prepare to be transported to a realm that both challenges and pleases the senses.