Duvee Davis is an emerging singer,songwriter, and rapper who made his professional solo recording debut in 2020 with the single “Bank it”. The track introduced a talented artist with a troubled past.After facing years of personal and professional hardships,the US native relocated to Bangkok,Thailand for a fresh start to focus on his music career.Since his debut the prolific rapper has released nearly two dozen singles in 2022.Through the years Duvee Davis has been a professional boxer,a soldier and an educator.Growing up in Connecticut,he suffered under the torment of an abusive father.Toxic family dynamics played a major role in his decision to settle overseas.Now a single father himself,he works to prevent other children from suffering the same fate.Davis believe that Hip hop has an amazing effect on the subconscious mind and it has been his companion ever since he fell in love with music.

His latest track “Good2BeMe”comes under the genres of Hip Hop , Rap and R&B and the track is about
the sound of an artist leaving his past behind and embracing the possibilities of the future.Accompanied by an exotic and entrancing video, the track speaks directly to the subconscious,spreading positive messages while retaining the bravado that had defined Duvee’s career for years.The track is powerful because of his unique rapping style and excellent beats. The rap has a flow to it which perfectly syncs with the melody of the song.

Hip Hop has motivated Davis in many ways and most of his songs are either connected to his personal life which depicts a story or a message.Davis has been enduring the memories of child abuse, a brutal upbringing,physical trauma and an extended stint in the US Army have all shaped him into the man he is today. Hip Hop has been a constant companion all through it and Davis is determined to use his music as a force for good in an unrelenting world.