Knockknock by TDX IV

TDX IV is a 21-year-old singer, and songwriter, born in California, and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. TDX IV has a knack for creating high-energy, melodic records that can be described as a splice between Punk Rock and Hip Hop, using the 808 drums as his driving force. TDX grew up listening to artists like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne and Future in high school and gravitated towards artists like Travis Scott, Lil Uzi Vert, and XXXTENTACION.

His plan was to be a producer making multiple beats a day, he got good but had nobody to rap over them, so he decided to write and record “No Jest”. After hearing his voice over a beat for the first time he decided recording was what was meant for him. He then recorded and released a new single every day, recorded on an Xbox mic before releasing his first mixtape titled “Death Of An Xbox Nigga”. After he released his second mixtape “200 Days” featuring his biggest song to date “COKE” accumulating over 250K streams. At that point, T knew this was for him and continues to evolve his sound in hopes to be a voice for his supporters like his favorite artists did for him.

His latest release “Knockknock” has something addictively fresh. From the very first moment, the high quality and character of the production are evident, and as the vocals roll in, this creatively structured yet undeniably focused piece of music and songwriting unfolds. The initial simplicity of those soundscapes sets a modest but effective scene in which the looming, dominant voice can fully develop and overwhelm its audience.

The intensity of the music builds and builds for a number of reasons, not least the honest and reflective nature of the lyrics. The sounds and samples all fit a particular thread, but there’s a different level of variation between tracks.

“Knockknock” is a great song that soon evolves into a pretty amazing one. The music creates a peaceful and stylish ambient backdrop that you can simply let play at first, but once you start really listening to the lyrics, there’s very little here that will strike you as an imitation. This perspective is fresh and cleverly arranged within the structure of the song.

The thoughtful nature of the writing is constantly evident, and despite the mellow energy of the track as a whole, it grows and grows in intensity and power through the clever arrangement of lines and effective use of musicality.