Zovi me na fon by ANDREJA

“Zovi ma na fon” is the recently released music video by the upcoming and talented artist ANDREJA. To be specific, Andreja is a Belgrade based producer and also a talented rapper who is known for his fusion of electronic music such as techno, breakbeat and house approached with a strong set of vocals. Moreover, Andreja is popular for the contributions that he made for people such as Luka Rajić, akomeneželiš, SASHA, and others. “Zovi me na fon” (neću se javiti) is known to be the first single from his upcoming second album “AFIRMACIJE 3022” and this release consists of house, electronic, trap and rap styles of music and in fact Andreja has done a great job in making this a successful production.
The song initiates with a colloquial conversation carried out by the performers and this arouses the interest among the listeners. The stream of music which is slow at the beginning gives a better start to the song. The sudden shift of music and the beat of the song further enhances the quality of the song. The beat possesses a good vibe, it is energetic and gets blended well with the vocals of the singer. The vocals are super amazing, that they are made for trap and rap styles of music fields. Thus, one could say that Andreja contributes a lot to the uplifting rap style of the music industry.

The lyrics of the song also should be in high regard. They are simple, meaningful and captivating. The vocals of the singer give life to these alluring wordings. Visuals of this great music piece are superb that every action of the performers creates a nexus between the lyrics and the beat of the song. Consequently, “Zovi ma na fon” comprises an amazing tune, music, strum of beats, vocals and appealing visuals. Therefore, listen to this wonderful piece of work now if you are a fan of electronic music!