Stranger Things by Lyricool Ft Ed Summers

Blending his cultural heritage from Jamaica with the Hip Hop sounds of Maryland, Lyricool creates music inspired by soul. Intelligently crafted with infectious beats and that soothing lyrical flow that runs through his Caribbean blood, the rapper is a master of the freestyle battles that add so much credibility to his name. Growing up with a father who created his own reggae tracks as he DJed on sound systems at basement parties, Lyricool was always destined to follow a groove. A classic storyteller inspired by songwriters like Bob Marley, Jay-Z, Eminem and Redman, his style is for people who like complex lyrics, love double grammar, love few rough boys and have a short attention span. A chorus but more of a journey.

“Stranger Things” is “Lyricool ft. Ed Summers” the latest song that is at once nostalgic and brings a unique genre encounter that seems unheard of before. Although the riffs have a hip hop or rap energy and the rhythm has a great velocity at times, “Stranger Things” can be described as a fantastic track for all audiences out there.

“Stranger Things” is a play on words inspired by the popular TV show, focusing on the story of how two strangers meet for the first time.

The musical atmosphere allows you to escape, let your mind wander, and then consider these ideas and try to come to some kind of conclusion about what it means and how it relates to themselves. Especially when the music or the lyrics are interesting, when it stems from personal experience, but also when it reaches and connects with different people in different ways, and then forms its own stories and thoughts within it.

Structurally there is a lot to appreciate about this release and it adds a lot of value. Instead of rapping over some disconnected backdrop or making things too personal or inaccessible, the audience is considered every step of the way, but not to the detriment of the track’s individuality. It’s a perfect balance. The intensity is heavy and the personality palpable, the music builds, builds, grows, evolves, pulling you in every step of the way and enticing you further until the soundscape builds up to this frenetic and rhythmic, show-stopping hip-hop moment.