Mill by Drevo Coolidge

Drevo Coolidge is a vibrant and driven independent artist that has been making waves across the South. He hails from Jackson, Mississippi. Drevo, a native Bermudian from the lovely town of Somerset in Sandy’s Parish, discovered his love of music as a teenager and hasn’t stopped playing since.

His latest album, “Mill,” is evidence of his talent and hard work as an artist. Drevo Coolidge’s music catches listeners’ hearts with its genuine honesty and blending of genres that defy easy categorization. Drevo’s star continues to rise thanks to his work with established artists like Snap, BigHeadOnTheBeat, Lil Mal, and more.

Drevo Coolidge’s breakthrough track, “Bermuda,” is a heartfelt tribute to his late father that has gone platinum and proven his talent as a songwriter. Drevo Coolidge’s voyage from Bermuda to Mississippi exemplifies his dedication to creating music with universal appeal. Drevo Coolidge has furthered his legacy with the release of “Mill,” further establishing himself as a formidable musical force.