Rain by Sainty Boi

Sainty Boi, a rising musician from Atlanta, Georgia, invites you into his universe with “Rain,” a mesmerizing new hip-hop/rap masterpiece. The music world has been buzzing about Sainty Boi, whose real name is St. Clair Sagab Addir Du-Berry Jr.

Sainty Boi was born into a musical family and got his start singing in the church choir, where he was known as “the loudest voice in the choir.” The tragic loss of his father when he was 15 years old, however, profoundly affected his artistic outlook.

Sainty Boi is now a multi-talented musician who not only raps but also sings, creates, records, and performs his own material. After releasing successful tracks like “Magic Man” and “Pyramid Scheme,” he gained recognition from online music publications and blogs around the world.

Sainty Boi, a promising new talent signed to Bentley Records, has big plans to cement his place as a musical legend.