MÉLANIQUE is back with a brand new song called “RUNNIN’ WITH IT.” MÉLANIQUE is a great musician, songwriter, businesswoman, and blogger/vlogger. She has gone from being an entrepreneur to a mother, but her passion for music has never wavered.

MÉLANIQUE’s life is a flurry of creativity and enthusiasm; she is the mother of Jake and Jagger and the creator of BABB Beauty Cosmetics and BABB Jewelry. Her mother’s entrepreneurial energy has helped her succeed in many different endeavors.

MÉLANIQUE began her blog in 2011 to record her progress as a singer and her personal style choices. Her blog’s focus has expanded over the years to include not only parenting and family life but also style, beauty, travel, and other related issues.

MÉLANIQUE’s goal in creating art is to encourage women all across the world by demonstrating that with hard effort and optimism, anything is achievable. The song “RUNNIN’ WITH IT” is more than just a reflection of her positive attitude and enthusiasm for life.