The new masterpiece “DONT” by SEKIRO featuring HaMmi shows the world how much Saudi Arabia has to offer in terms of musical talent.

Multi-talented Saudi Arabian musician SEKIRO, who is of European and Pakistani ancestry, has carved out his own niche. He’s a multitalented artist who directs films, works as an audio engineer, raps, and writes. The song “DONT” is a showcase for all of his abilities.

The song, which was produced by the highly regarded Black Panther Studios, is a beautiful synthesis of originality and artistic expression. With the help of outstanding cinematographers like Abubakar and himself, SEKIRO is able to bring his vision to life through his direction and editing.

SEKIRO and HaMmi’s “DONT” features lyrics that carry an important message regardless of language boundaries. The fact that SEKIRO was able to write, produce, and direct the entire film shows how committed he is to his work. This song is another proof that Saudi Arabia is rapidly becoming an international center for musical creativity and innovation.