The Witching Hour by Liquid56 

Treat your ears to a musical excursion that harkens back to the mysterious 1980s with Liquid56’s fascinating tune “The Witching Hour.” This one of a kind auditory tapestry is as captivating as it is original, transporting listeners to a world where innovation and nostalgia meet.

A visionary musician, Liquid56, expertly captures the spirit of 80s indie synth pop while adding a modern twist. Their music echoes the musical creativity of the 1980s, and its lyrics combine wit with global wisdom in a way that speaks to the generation’s alienated young.

As the first taste of the forthcoming album “Audio Arcane,” “The Witching Hour” sets the tone for a forebodingly grim and ominous forty minutes of listening. The music of The Smiths, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Type O Negative served as inspiration for Liquid56, who proceeded to set the world on fire with their ambitious new endeavor.