Wild by toni.

Toni, an up-and-coming talent in the music world, will captivate you with her vivacious energy. Her most recent offering, “Wild,” is a fascinating foray into pop music.

A singer, composer, and actress who goes by the stage name Toni is 25-year-old Lesley Rosania from the United States. Her Panamanian heritage gives her a natural bilingualism that allows her to sing in both Spanish and English. In addition to expanding her artistic horizons, she is exploring the fascinating realm of French art and music.

High-octane and attention-grabbing, “Wild” is a rock anthem. It’s tough not to get up and groove to the addictive sounds and thrilling lyrics. Toni’s vocal prowess and dedication to music are on full display in the way her voice soars over the track.

Toni is quickly becoming a recognized star in the music industry. She has a promising future and is excited to share her talents with the world. Check out Toni’s Spotify, YouTube, and Instagram pages for news on upcoming music. It’s safe to say that “Wild” is only the beginning of Toni’s exciting musical adventure.