Only One In Love by Johnny May

The recently released “Only One In Love” by “Johnny May” artist has a great sense of experimentation right from the start. It’s a really unusual setup, with a really well-written and interesting song, and overall what you get is something completely fresh, yet familiar enough to keep you comfortable and eager to listen.

The hook part of this piece, in particular, that lead line — “Only One In Love” — is the kind of thing that gets absorbed into you as you listen. It’s a definite highlight of the whole song and it’s a great thing to have mastered – just look at any famous or widely loved song throughout time; People remember the voice the most. But, leading up to this part of the case, and indeed around it, this hugely creative musical composition – something rare. The instrument seems to switch between completely harmonious and expected types of sounds and completely unexpected moments that regain your focus and attention. It definitely keeps you on your toes, which is important – once you get back to that hook part; The hypnotic warmth returns, and you quickly learn to know and love the entire track inside and out.

A full listen means letting the track get inside your head, and honestly, this is where songs like this belong. Anything that prompts you to think in that way, that opens the mind to alternative views of reality – that makes you reconsider and reanalyze things – is worth letting into your consciousness. On the other hand, musically, the track almost belongs in a live show. In many ways, you can hear the energy of the music and the rhythm, you can feel the passion and execution of the ideas, and overall – it’s a really refreshing kind of musical artistry for this time in our lives. To really take in the concept and essence of what the song is about, seeing Popsifer perform the song live is essential and will probably be extremely enjoyable. Of course, in the middle of another set of their original material. The opening lyrics are one to grab your attention, and it gets more and more interesting from there. Worth a listen.