Flowstate by Duvee Davis

“Flowstate ” is the latest release by the famous and talented artist Duvee Davis. Duvee Davis possesses a passion for hip hop, rap, R&B and Trap styles of music in an extraordinary manner. His latest release “Flowstate ” which is produced for four minutes and fifty five seconds, is one of his brilliant hip hop creations. Duvee conveys that it is a song about the carefree lifestyle of his own life. Selecting a rooftop and a local market to shoot “Flowstate ” may seem unusual, but that deviance has made “Flowstate” to be unique among other productions. Thus, after listening to “Flowstate ”, any could say that Duvee Davis has made a great contribution in uplifting the hip hop style of the music industry.

The song starts off with a heart touching stream of music which is so calm and it improves peace among the listeners. Further, the manner in which Duvee approaches the song is pretty amazing. He sings in a slow manner in which every word he utters is clearly heard by the audience from the beginning to the end of the song. Consequently, his vocals are even more amazing, that they are smooth, sharp and anybody who listens to this beautiful voice would feel it like heaven. The lyrics of the song also should be credited. They are simple, meaningful and captivating enough for the hip hop lovers. Thus, Davis’s vocals give power and life to these stunning lyrics.

The strum of beats is also attractive. The beats get blended with the stream of music in an alluring manner arousing the interest of the listeners for hip hop music styles. The visuals are perfect indeed. The actions, facial expressions thrown out, depict the lyrics of the song in a stunning way. Further, the black and white visuals add more uniqueness to this amazing piece of work. So, listen to “Flowstate” by Duvee Davis now if you are a fan of hip hop music.