The Mexican Werewolf  by Saint Brunel

Saint Brunel, a multifaceted Mexican musician and producer, has released an enthralling new album titled “The Mexican Werewolf.” Saint Brunel’s varied musical abilities are on full display in this symphonic masterpiece that can be classified as a film score.

Saint Brunel’s “The Mexican Werewolf” can be found on his groundbreaking album, “Soundtracks of Movies That Don’t Exist.” In this other activity, he composes scores for made-up movies, coming up with elaborate stories.

Saint Brunel, the author of this piece, takes us back in time to the New World to see the arrival of the Templars and their incredible discoveries. He takes us back in time to a place where history and fantasy meet through the use of lush orchestration.

Pop, electronic dance music, progressive metal, and orchestral works are all represented in Saint Brunel’s discography. In “The Mexican,” he demonstrates once more his mastery of creating emotionally resonant soundscapes. Saint Brunel, a former “ghost producer” whose work has been largely overlooked, is finally getting his due recognition for his groundbreaking works.